Do you live where it gets cold and dark? Does the weather get you down? Time to fight back and get through winter with a smile. 


This is my island in the sun! 

Even if your body is stuck where you are, your mind can go on a getaway. Find a photo of a warm, sunny, beautiful place and look at it. Stare at it. Imagine you are in that place with as much detail as you can. 

Builds emotional resiliance. 

A Candle in the Night

One of the principles of "Hygge" is candlelight. Light a candle in your space and admire the glow. Builds emotional resilience. 


Have a mug of your favorite warm beverage. Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? Wrap your hands around it. Breath in the scent. Savor the taste. Builds mental resilience.

Explore soft textures.
Do you have a pet? Pet it. Do you have a super soft blanket, throw, or robe? Pet it. Take one minute to wrap yourself up in something supremely cozy. Bonus points if you put on your favorite song at the same time. Builds physical resilience.

Accept the things you cannot change. You can't make winter go away. You can't make it warm or sunny or anything else at all. So that means it's time to lean into it. Find something beautiful: a pattern in the window frost, a winter bird in the yard, or whatever else catches your eye. 
D-lightful Vitamin D
Pop a vitamin D. If you live in a place where your skin doesn't see the sun for months at a time, it's good for you.

Builds physical resilience.

Bad GuysEdit

Image Name and description.

Type (Trap, Mental Blocker, Symptom, or Trigger)

Hibernation Bear

Hibernation Bear wants you to join her and just not move until spring. You could try gaining weight, refusing to move, and grumping along... but that's throwing away a quarter (or more) of your year being miserable. Don't follow the bear!

Type: trigger.

Jack Frosty Fingers

This guy is waiting outside for you. If you're not dressed warmly enough, he'll tickle your fingers and toes and ears and generally make you feel miserable. No one wants to be cold. Fight this bad guy by dressing appropriately and using your warm winter gear.

Type: Trap

Carby Carby Carb Carbs

If winter makes you want to eat nothing but carbs, you've met the Carby Carby Carb Carb's. These are a trigger. They sound like a good idea, but they're not really your friend. Too much Carby Carbs spike your blood sugar, put you at risk of gaining those annoying winter pounds, and aren't doing your body any favours. Fight this bad guy by remembering to have some protein with every meal.



Walking on Sunshine.

When it's dark for many of your waking hours, it's important to find the sun when you can. If the sun is shining, get out for 5 minutes for a walk. If the sun isn't shining, 

find the brightest light you can and hang out for 5 minutes. No sunglasses allowed! 

4x per week

Mental Resiliance

You Like To Move It, Move It


Exercise helps, especially cardio. Find a place (inside or outside) where you can do your favorite exercise. Go for a walk or run, get on a treadmill or the elliptical, pop on a yoga video. Just MOVE IT.

3 x per week

Physical resiliance

Reach out


Hibernation isn't actually an option. Today, connect with someone and have an actual conversation about life. Call your mom. Call a friend. Text your sibling. Have a Facebook message convo. Send someone something that will make them smile - it will make you smile, too.

1 x per week

Social resilience

Gear Up


The key to enjoying anything outdoors is being properly dressed. Do you have what you need to be outside and comfortable? Get out your options and select your favorites to wear every day. Have a backup of items to make your outfit EXTRA warm. And then donate the ones that you no longer want to charity so they can keep someone else warm.


Physical resilience



Are you eating your protein? Make sure that every meal (and some of your snacks) have a healthy protein source: eggs, meat, greek yogurt, beans, chickpeas, jerky, or a smoothie with protein powder. Balance you diet and you'll help balance your mood.


Physical resilience



Get something on your calendar at least once a week that connects you with people you like. Book club? Music lessons? Potluck? Lunch date? Board game? What do you like to do with people? Set it up! Do it ASAP!


Social resilience

Make a plan.


If you've got the cash/time, plan a vacation. Plan the details. Imagine what you're going to enjoy the most. If you don't have the ability to get away right now, plan something you're going to do in the spring. Lay out your garden. Research the best patio restaurant in town. Make a list of the best local things to do in July.


Mental resilience