Being brave enough to be vulnerable, inspires. Being humble enough to take action, inspires. Being persistent enough to take small steps, day after day, inspires.

But that's why we're all here. We're looking for inspiration in others, and they're finding it in us.

–Kick Kick

The SuperBetter Community is focused around the forums at

This is a good place to get advice from other SuperBetter players - either on how to use the game, or more generally.

The forums also have an area for specific advice for those using SuperBetter to tackle specific challenges. For example, there is a group for those trying to lose weight with the Full Plate Diet, and another for those trying to overcome chronic disorganization.

The forums are also visited by SuperBetter staff, so can be a good place to have a discussion that might need staff help.

The most common use for the forums is to find Allies to help in your SuperBetter journey. People who are playing the game themselves can be great Allies, especially when the favor is mutual.