A quest is something you do to bring yourself closer to your epic win. It might be a direct step towards the win (for example, doing exercise to get to a fitness based win) or something you do to improve yourself or your situation and so make it easier to take other steps (for example, nurturing relationships with friends to ensure you have a healthy support system as you work to get fitter).

Power packs come with a range of quests, some of which are unlocked as you progress. You can also add your own quests by clicking the "add" link on the quests page.

Example QuestsEdit


Read a touchy-feely relationship, new-agey self-help, organisational/motivational book.

One time only

Builds mental resilience

If I do it on the kindle or your phone no-one can see the cover and you don't have to feel embarrassed ;)


Do something creative. Make some jewelry, or color a picture, or do some embroidery, or do some creative writing - anything that allows you use your creativity and passion for aesthetics.

2 times a week for 10 weeks

Builds emotional resilience

You may find it better to specify what creative task you will do, or you may prefer to leave it general as in this quest. The schedule can vary too, it may be a single task, or may repeat enough to help build the habit back in to your daily life. This quest might also work as a power-up.

Dear Diary

Write a journal entry

3 times a week for 10 weeks

Builds emotional resilience

The Funky Fridge

Continuing the goal of improving your environment by cleaning the apartment - next on the list is to clean the fridge!

One time only

Builds emotional resilience

Another example of using quests to help you get practical tasks done. There can be a lot of satisfaction in marking one of these as complete, enhanced by the gameification of the task.

The Insurance Battle

A practical quest:

  1. Gather all documents
  2. Phone the insurance co. to ask about co-pays
  3. Talk to the insurance co. about any unusual charges
  4. Find out about negotiating bills
  5. Ensure all outstanding charges are paid.

One time only

Builds emotional resilience

This is an example of using SuperBetter to help drive a practical task. By breaking the task down, and adding it as a quest, it becomes less overwhelming and easier to motivate yourself.

As you complete each part of the task, it can be marked as (DONE) by editing the quest.

Old letters
Letters from Antiquity

Write to someone you haven't talked to in quite a while

One time only

Builds social resilience


Meditate for at least 10 minutes, using any form of meditation that suits you. For example you could sit and focus on your breath, counting to 10, then repeating. Or you could use a guided meditation with visualization if that feels more comfortable (for example this one on YouTube)

5 times a week for 20 weeks

Builds mental resilience

This is an example of a quest that you may want to edit as your experience grows and your goals change. Alternatively, set the quest for a shorter time, and create a new (and more challenging) quest as your skills increase.

Supa Fry

Find a new recipe and cook it

Once per week for 6 weeks

Builds physical resilience

Diet is such an intrinsic part of health and wellbeing, that this type of quest can be used for almost any Epic Win

Walk 2
A Walk in the Park

Or on the beach, or down the road, or anywhere really. The important part is that it's time to get some real exercise. So let's go for a walk! Ideally, find somewhere pleasant and uplifting to walk, and keep going for at least an hour. But even half an hour will do, just get moving!

Once per week for 6 weeks

Builds physical resilience

Six weeks can be a good choice of length for the schedule. It's short enough to be in sight and not feel unachievable, but long enough to give you a feeling of accomplishment and for you to feel you are starting to establish good habits.

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