Being productive and efficient isn't easy. But there are ways to increase your super powers to make it easier to battle the bad guys that want to steal your time! Use this Power Pack to become master of your time and energy!


Daily MindSweep: any time you have "stuff" enter your brain, get it out! Put it on a task card, send an email or text to yourself so that it's no longer in your head!

Builds mental resiliance.

Throw It Out: throw something out that is no longer good or needed: food, mail, etc. Feel the power!

Builds mental resiliance.

Master of the environment: set the stage for success and a distraction free day! You are in control!

Builds mental resiliance.

Show Up: show up in an active, self-initiating way! Be present! Be active! Be strong! Let your presence be felt!

Builds mental resiliance.

Give yourself a laugh! Write down a funny thought, watch a funny video. Do something that makes you laugh!

Builds mental resiliance.

Be Present: You are moving. You have a plan for right now. You are strong and here! Focus on where you are and what you are doing.

Builds mental resiliance.

Speak Up: practice saying what's on your mind. Your words are valuable.

Builds mental resiliance.

Get Connected: do something physical with your body. Turn on the music and dance! Sing, shout. Jump. Run. This will help you to connect with your body's groundedness.

Builds physical resiliance.

Be Creative! Spend 15 min. allowing yourself to think creative, freeflowing thoughts! Give your brain a boost!

Builds mental resiliance.

Set a timer: have a task to do? Set a timer for the amount of time you want to give to it. For example, compose an email, 15 min. When it's done, it's done!

Builds mental resiliance.

Be on time: power up every time you are on time to an event or appointment.

Builds social resiliance.

Clean Up Power Up: take a shower, brush your teeth, cut your hair. Get snazzy!

Builds mental resiliance.

Posture Up: stand in an assertive posture for 2 minutes! Increase your testosterone and decrease your stress hormones! You can do it!

Builds emotional resiliance.

THINK! Step back and think about what you're doing and why you're doing it! Do it if you need to, but stop if you find you were on autopilot!

Builds mental resiliance.

Daily email sweep: take 15 min. and empty your email inbox. Do anything that you can accomplish in 2 min., delete, delegate or place in your Action file anything that can't be done in 2 min. You can do it! Keep it empty!

Builds mental resiliance.

Push-through: push yourself intellectually or physically today! Do something hard and give yourself credit for it!

Builds mental resiliance.

File It! Power up everytime you file something in your reference file. Label it and you'll know where it is when you need it!

Builds mental resiliance.

Delegate It! Power up everytime you delegate something that someone else should do, could do or needs to do! Don't do it unless it's your responsibility!

Builds mental resiliance.

Bad GuysEdit

Distraction Demon: He nudges you and shows you things that you could do right now. It's easy to keep busy with all sorts of projects, errands and activities which help maintain your world to some degree, but which have little real impact on you. Ignore him! He's trying to win. Stay strong! Stay Focused! Vanquish this bad guy with Master of the Environment and Be Present.

Going Along: you can avoid conflict for only so long. Temps you to be passive, disengage, focus on being busy.

Inertia Bandit: decisions are hard to make. Don't know what to do. So many options. Can't decide. Stuck. Vanquish this bad guy with Focus and Throw it out!

Hazy Thinking: fantasies become more real than what is real. You ruminate. Vanquish this bad guy with Be Present. Rumination is a way to sooth yourself through repetitively reviewing an idea or thought. This leaves you with a clouded, blurry vision of peace; it replaces the need for taking responsibility for expressing yourself and taking purposeful action.

Inner Critic: insists that other people must feel good in order for me to be okay. I'll try to maintain the impossible task of making things comfortable for everyone else at the expense of my own life's priorities.

Powerless and Unimportant: you don't matter. You can't do anything anyway. Nobody cares. Why should you care? Defeat this bad guy with action. Turn on the music and move your body! Turn it up loud and block the lies because you do matter and you can do things you want to do and need to do!

Perfectionism: about everything and anything. Overdoing it all the time. It never ends.

Stubborn Mull: you don't want to change. You don't want to do anything. And you won't! Something is affecting your peace and you don't like it. You become the brick wall! I baulk at suggestions and refuse to let others have their way.

Intense Activity: you're trying to stabilize your environment and your relationships in order to make them safer. You're investing intensive periods of time and energy in activities that you believe will enhance your security and peace of mind. Watch out, it's a trap! Challenge this bad guy with THINK! and Improve my life. This bad guy is driven by anxiety, not positive intentions.

Passive-aggression: getting what you want, even if thwarted. You're tempted to change someone else instead of dealing with your own perfectionism or anxiety. Vanquish this bad guy with a relaxation or anxiety power-up.

Swimming Through Molassas: everything seems like too much trouble. There's an inner resistance to making any changes.

Idealizing Others: comparing yourself to others won't help. It only makes you feel bad about yourself and distorts reality. Don't do it! The danger of idealizing others and getting life from them is that you won't do the work necessary to recover your own vitality.

Numbing Out: it feels like relaxing, but it's not. Numbness depends on maintaining physical tension. Relaxation is being aware of our breathing, our body sensations and our surroundings. If you're numbing out you're detached from all of this. It's the zombie! Missing in action. Indifferent, apathetic, numb.

Life Happens: letting life happen to you. Roll with the flow. Vanquish this bad guy by taking action on your day! Be Dynamic! Be Bold! Focus!

Putter/Postpone/Procrastinate: walk around, see what there is to do. No plan. No thoughts. Just do what you see, but not what really needs to be done.

Autopilot: just doing it because it's the way you've always done it. It takes too much work to do something else. Fight it! Break out of autopilot and THINK!

Pile It Up. This bad guy makes you put piles here and piles there. Piles on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, the bedroom floor. Vanquish this bad guy with Everythin IN! Put anything you're tempted to pile somewhere in your Inbox and deal with it during your weekly review! Fight this one hard! It will make all the difference!

Hoarding. This bad guy wants to keep everything because you might need it someday! Food, mail, miscelaneous papers, old clothes. Fight this bad guy by making it a habit to throw something out each day! You'll feel great! Really, you will!

To Do List. Believe it or not, this is a bad guy disquised as a friend. Fight him! He wants you to make a list of all the things you need to do and then you'll be so overwhelmed you won't be able to do any of them! Fight him by putting the NEXT ACTION that you need to take for all the things in your head on separate index cards or papers, and put them in your Inbox to deal with when you have time! Don't be distracted! Be wise!


Complete morning routine: eat breakfast, brush teeth, open today's GTD folder and pick 3 most important task cards. Goal to be done within 1 hour of waking.

Weekly review: empty your inbox! Set aside 1 hour every week to do this. Do the things that you can get done in 2 min. or less. File, throw, do! You can do it!!!

Self-Possessed: journal about what it feels like when you know what you need to do and you do it. Ask God to help you be more Self-Possessed today.

Be uncomfortable: do something that's a little uncomfortable today and write about it in the Secret Lab. It could be tolerating being cold or hot for 10 min. before doing something to get hot or cold. Tolerate discomfort for a short time to build up your resistance. See if you can go longer than you could last week!

Self-assurance: list 3 things that you are interested in developing in yourself and talents. What would it mean to have an inner-directed force within you?

Who I am: start a note in the Secret Lab with a journal entry about who you are. Collect scripture readings that speak to who God made you to be. Sit with the scripture and let God speak to your heart.

Quickest Possible Way: do something that you typically do a certain way and try to do it in a different way that is quicker.

I'm worth it: make a list of things in your life that excite you. Don't edit yourself. What kind of person would you be if you could? What steps could you take today to become more like that person? This week? This year?

Be Awake: journal about the many different ways in which you postpone showing up more fully in your life. Where and how do you typically hit your snooze button? Are there particular conditions that trigger this behavior? What conditions require you to wake up?

Self-remembering: do something today that takes into account your own priorities. Journal about how to make this a day-to-day habit. Add one item to your Power Ups.

Self-determining: read the following statement: "I take the initiative on actions that reflect what has the deepest meaning and purpose for me and I stay the course, even when that involves working through disagreements. I realize that this does not diminish my true inner sense of peace." Journal about your thoughts on this statement and any action you feel invited to begin.

Awake Body: take a walk and practice being very aware of your body's movement and feeling your feet contact the ground while you are in movement. Practice belly breathing or deep breathing. Try a yoga pose. Dance and move! Journal about what you noticed.

Be Intentional: take strong, purposeful action on your priorities. Perhaps it means enrolling in a class on a subject you're interested in or going on a retreat that focuses on your needs and interests. Notice the temptation to back down at the first inkling of resistance on the part of others. Remember, this is for you! Make a power up for focusing your attention on this priority each day.

Super Power Enhancer. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen. He has a system that really works!

Set It Up! Gather the items you'll need to make your tickler file, your A-Z place holders, and your action files. Get index cards, a labeler, file cabinets if needed. It's a quest, spend some time organizing and making it right for you!

1 time daily for 2 weeks (or until accomplished)

Set It Up Email! Set up Action folders and reference folders in your Inbox. Do your first EMPTY and feel the power!!! You can do it and it will make all the difference!

1 time for 2 weeks until accomplished

Everything IN! Begin the habit of putting everything in your InBox on a daily basis, don't sort, don't worry, just put it IN and know that you'll deal with it when you do your weekly review!

1 time daily for 12 weeks (to make it a habit); then make it a Power Up

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