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Power packs are useful packages of quests, power-ups and bad guys to help you tackle a specific problem. For example, there is a power pack to help you build will-power to lose weight. And another focused on anxiety.

It's not yet possible to add your own power-packs (although you can add the quests and so on individually) or to create them to share with others. However, you can add ideas for power-packs to this wiki, and then others can add each element to use them. SuperBetter staff have said that it may be possible in the future for players to create and add their own power packs.

Power pack ideas[]

  • Example power pack layout
  • Spiritual Giant Power Pack (for spiritual journeys)
  • Overcoming Grief (dealing with loss)
  • Learning Boring Stuff Power Pack (e.g, to learn statistical software and computer languages)
  • Saving Money Pack
  • Unemployment Power Pack