Power-ups are things that are easy to do, and make you feel good. They are a way to give yourself positive energy and help you keep on your path to being SuperBetter.

The list below is for power-up ideas and suggestions. It can work well to make your first power-ups especially simple. Just a simple stretch will help you on your way, and takes almost no effort. Once something is a habit, you may want to add new power-ups... things that seems simple now, but would have been hard before you started on your journey.

Example Power-upsEdit

Appreciating Nature

Looking at nature builds the soul. Spend some time looking at the beauty of nature that's all around you.

Builds emotional resilience

It can be good to have power-ups that are easy to do wherever you are. That way you can build in moments to power-up throughout your day. And watching a bird flying across the sky, or stopping to appreciate a flower growing out of the sidewalk, are good ways to give yourself a quick emotional lift.


Stop, and take 5 or 10 breaths. Be mindful of each, and allow the focus on the breath to calm the mind.

Builds emotional resilience

This is a very good first power-up. Whatever your epic win, it's surprising how much stopping for calming breaths can help.


Write a well thought out, positive comment on a forum or message board somewhere

Builds mental resilience

Anything that builds and nurtures relationships can make a good power-up. Even if those relationships are online

Factor in Fruit

Improve your diet by grabbing some fruit. Better still, replace something less healthy you were going to eat with fruit. It's just as tasty, and much better for you!

Builds physical resilience

It helps to think about the long term effects of power-ups. This suggestion might also work with chocolate or ice cream, but the short-term boost might lead to a longer-term low (depending on your personal situation and preferences).

Flight of Fancy

Activate this power-up each time you take an extra journey up and down the stairs

Builds physical resilience

You can adapt this to both your own stamina, and the height of your stairs. If you aren't generally active, it could be to just go one flight. For the fitter, you could aim to go all the way up several flights, or several times up one flight (if that's what you have available).

Hug a Friend

Get all touchy-feely and hug a friend.

Builds social resilience

There are similar power-ups in some power packs, so you may need to decide which to use (or how to alternate between them)

Lipstick It

Wear lipstick today. 

Builds emotional resilience

This motivates me to get ready for the day and to put my best foot forward. It also makes the day feel more special. It is a small thing that makes a big impact. Go with a bold color to break free of your comfort zone and take a risk.

(Wear it every day for a week for a confidence boosting Quest. Or, triple value if your gender does not usually wear lipstick [*wink*])

Let's Do the Time Warp

...Again. Go on, have a dance to the Time Warp: - or to any other lively song for that matter.

Builds physical resilience

For more good Power-up songs, suggested by the SuperBetter community, see List of Power-up Songs.

Lurve letters

Text something silly or sweet to a loved one

Builds emotional resilience

Even if you already do something, it counts as a power-up. Especially if you do it consciously and recognize the boost it gives you.


Treat yourself to a massage. This can be a professional massage, one from a friend or loved one, or just spending some time rubbing your own feet.

Builds emotional resilience

Even some self-massage can help. The important part is making yourself feel cared for, and a foot-rub with some nicely smelling lotion can help towards that.

Mini Walk

Walk just a little further than usual. This can be as small as getting off the bus one stop earlier or later than usual. Even a few extra steps count.

Builds 'physical resilience

This is similar to "Stepping Up" and gives a similar "I did it" feel good.

Movie Night

Watch a documentary or movie. And really watch it, use some mindfulness to be sure you aren't actually elsewhere.

Builds emotional resilience

Be warned that not all power-ups work for all people. If one of your bad habits is sitting in front of the TV all night, this one may not work for you


Focus on sitting up straight for five minutes or one song or while interacting with someone.

Builds physical resilience

The boost from power-ups can be in doing something you know is good for you.

Practical Progress

Do something practical to help improve the space around you. For example, clean the floor, or wash the dishes, or change the bed... it doesn't need to be a big thing to help make the apartment a better place to be.

Builds 'emotional resilience

If a task is significant, you may want to add it as a separate quest instead. But small, daily tasks can make very satisfying power-ups.

Hello Kitty
Pretty Nails

Let's get those nails in shape! For this power-up you can paint, manicure, or care for your nails in any other way.

Builds emotional resilience

Power-ups that help prompt you in taking care of yourself, can give you that initial boost, and also help you feel more put-together and help build self-esteem for the long term

Real Smooth

For this power-up, make and drink a real fruit smoothie.

Builds physical resilience

If this doesn't feel like a quick boost for you, it might be something that's better as a quest. For example, you could set yourself the quest of making and drinking three smoothies a week for six weeks.

Scented Pleasures

Boost your enjoyment of your environment by using scents. Light a scented candle, use scented cream, smell essential oils, or use joss sticks to enhance the room.

Builds emotional resilience

The key to many power-ups is to really concentrate on what you are doing. Adding a scent to a room where you are concentrating on other things might have no effect. But allowing yourself to really smell and enjoy the scent can be a very different experience.

Stepping Up

Walk up at least one flight of stairs rather than using the elevator or escalator

Builds physical resilience

This power-up was originally part of a power pack quest. It can be good to take ideas from anywhere - including a one-time quest. Sometimes small tasks done repeatedly can give us a boost, even if it's just in the knowledge that you are going something good!


Get up and stretch!

Builds physical resilience

This is a good first power-up for someone working towards getting more active

Sunshine On Your Shoulders

Sit somewhere sunny for at least 10 minutes. Don't forget the sunscreen if it's longer!

Builds emotional resilience

Sunshine and a pause to appreciate it can be a great emotional power-up.

Touch Base with a Friend

Connect with a friend in a meaningful way. That's a phone call, a text message, an IRC conversation... anything where you reach out to make sure your friendship connections don't die out

Builds social resilience

This is another one that is similar to tasks in some power packs. You could decide to wait until one of those is added to your list, or add this one to use.

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