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This Power Pack is designed to help someone cope with Bipolar Disorder (type 1, type 2, NOS, or cyclothymia) learn about their illness, develop coping skills, maintain wellness, and in general get or stay healthy.


Name of Power-Up

Builds type of resilience

What you're supposed to do and how.

Why you might want to add this Power-Up to your list.

Party Like Kay Redfield Jamison

Builds mental resilience

Read an educational article about bipolar disorder, symptoms, medication, therapy methods, etc.  Good places to look include BP Magazine, the NAMI website, PsychologyToday, and the DBSA website.

Psychoeducation is key to getting a handle on your condition - knowing is half the battle! It doesn't have to be hard, either; there are plenty of NAMI, DBSA, and other sources out there that are written for patients rather than professional researchers.

Enter Name

Resilience type



Bad Guys[]

Name of Bad Guy

Type: Trap, Mental Blocker, Symptom, or Trigger

Information about the Bad Guy - who it is, why it's bad, how to fight it off.

Reasoning (why you might want to have this on your list)


Title of Bad Guy

Type (Trap, Mental Blocker, Symptom, or Trigger)

Image Name and description.

Type (Trap, Mental Blocker, Symptom, or Trigger)


Image Quest name and description.

Timescale (for example: 3 times a week for 6 weeks)

Builds which resilience (emotional, physical, mental, or social).

Image Quest name and description.


Builds which resilience.

Unlocked by completing (quest name)

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