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This page is on its way.... for now it's just a paste space for ideas to be transferred from the forum.

Urge to Kill Rising: Dealing with:

  • Our corporate overlords
  • HR
  • Upper Management
  • Ricky
  • Bureaucracy
  • Government departments

The internet: pretty self explanatory

Bad guys: Procrastination. Pretty self-explanatory, and I also like that it covers all kinds of procrastination, including productive procrastination (answering e-mail or doing housework instead of getting to the job at hand).

You mentioned listing under Bad Guys the Power Ups used to combat them--I've done that for a few of my baddies and have found that helps a lot.

I've also taken to actually personifying my Bad Guys--giving them names and descriptions. [...] Coming up with the names/descriptions is really fun, and then I have something physical to imagine when doing battle; I can actually visualize myself kicking a demon in the face

Procrastination Station: When your trains stops and maroons you at Procrastination station... Avoiding doing something that you know you should do today

The Pile Monster: Ugh, this is a baaaaaaad guy! It's the tendency I have to put things down wherever... Piling clean clothes on the bed, piling mail on the kitchen table, piling bills in the office, AND THEN NEVER DOING ANYTHING WITH THEM! (Until it reaches critical mass and I HAVE to do something.) I expect to lose to this bad guy a lot. My goal is to have more wins than losses, eventually. Obsession Alley: When your anger mugs you and drags you into a dark alley, and you end up obsessing about old hurts and old mistakes.

The Facebook maelstrom: Resist the pull of the current! (Social interactions with friends okay.)